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claim no doubt stuff.


claim ND stuff
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All Members , Moderated
here is a claim community to claim... anything to do with no doubt!
whether it be a member, a song, an album, an outfit that a member wore that you especially liked, a magazine that no doubt was on the cover of, a specific concert, a specific lyric, etc... ANYTHING! it's up to the imagination. so have fun.

1. each item can only be claimed by ONE person, unless the person who had it first wants to share. if they decide to share, they get another claim. you must contact the person who already has the claim, NOT ME!

2. if you want to leave the community, please post with what your claims were so i can take them off, and they will be up for grabs again.

3. each member is allowed ONE CLAIM. but!
the first 5 members get 5 claims.
the next 10 after that get 3 claims
the next 20 after that get 2 claims

so after 35 the rule takes into effect that you only get one claim.